Vintage Coffee Mug Gifts of Main Street by Amelia Clark


  • 11 oz ceramic coffee mug
  • dishwasher safe; suggested top rack
  • Wrap Around Picture
  • Only 1 mug for the price, 2 are shown for display purposes
  • Beautiful art from top to bottom of the mug


Vintage Painting of a Main Street by Amelia Clark on Coffee Mug Gifts

Get your Vintage Painting of a Main Street on Coffee Mug Gifts. Commissioned to paint a series of vintage pictures, Amelia Clark painted folk art style art and now puts them on coffee mugs. The main streets are the. The paintings are a folk style art that represents the 1930s era of the old grocery stores because stores and markets were scattering the old America. No one could travel far. Amelia paints with oil to color the scenes of the old america. Buy a vintage coffee mug today to enjoy these golden years. Enjoy the days gone by folk art as you enjoy your favorite morning coffee. Remember the golden years of America. Remember the old days of America that no longer dots our landscapes across America. Use the mugs to tell a heart felt story to your kids or grandchildren about America.


As a southern artist with a God given talent from North Central Mississippi, Amelia Clark, paints with oils. I paint as a self taught artist. I operate a t shirt and more printing business where I started out putting her art into print and framing her work to sell wholesale throughout the southeastern United States. My work has adorned the wall of important people such as presidents, congressman, governers and actors and she has been blessed to work with Paul Ott, Justin Wilson, and many others with my art. My art career now is focusing on gallery works as I explore my art talent in other directions of creativity. You can keep up with me on facebook and pintrest under Clark Studio Printing or Art by Amelia Clark.

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