Magnolia Duet Art Coffee Mug by Amelia Clark


  • 11 oz ceramic coffee mug
  • dishwasher safe; suggested top rack
  • Wrap Around Picture
  • Only 1 mug for the price, 2 are shown for display purposes


Magnolia Duet Art Picture Coffee Mug by Amelia Clark

Magnolia Duet Art Picture Coffee Mug by Amelia Clark are now for sale. Amelia has been painting and publishing magnolias since 1995. Therefore, gift shops carry her art through the United States. So now you can buy the coffee mug and enjoy Amelia’s magnolias in the morning or all day long at work. All of Amelia’s art is copyrighted and cannot be reproduced without her written permission. Amelia wants you to enjoy the beautiful south through her art. She know some people cannot afford large art. But the coffee mugs make it easy to enjoy her art.

As a southern artist with a God given talent from North Central Mississippi, Amelia Clark, paints with oils. She paints as a self taught artist. Now Amelia operates a t shirt and more printing business where she started first putting her art into print. She framed her work to sell wholesale through the southeastern United States. Presented with Amelia’s art, people such as presidents, other politicians and actors display her works. Paul Ott, Justin Wilson, and many others have worked with Amelia over her career. Her art career now is focusing on gallery works as she explores her art talent in other directions of creativity. You can keep up with Amelia on facebook and pintrest under Clark Studio Printing or Art by Amelia Clark.

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Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 6 x 6 x 6 in